Fara í efni


SSNE is the association of municipalities of Northeast Iceland and our role is to promote and support lively communities, vibrant cultural scenes and strong economic activity in the area.

We act as a bridge between government, municipalities and private sector. One of our key projects is overseeing the Regional Development Fund, a public fund that provides grants for innovation and business development.  

SSNE gives consultations in the area of business, innovation, culture and environment to individuals, companies and municipalities in Northeast Iceland, i.e. in regards to:
• Business development and startups
• Information on possible grant opportunities and assistance with grand applications
• Marketing advice
• Information on loan applications and other financial opportunities –mainly for startups but also others

• Lobbying for stronger infrastructure for the region as a whole as well as individual municipalities
• Lobbyism towards the national government in regards to various plans and agendas, i.e. annual national budget, infrastructure plans and regional development plans

Regional Develpment Fund

For further information contact the main office +354 464 5400 or ssne@ssne.is